Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Quiz

  1. Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
  2. What country did the painter live in? Italy
  3. What forms of art did Leonardo da Vinci like to work with? Painting, inventing and designing new technologies
  4. What are some modern inventions that people think Leonardo da Vinci originally designed? Parachute, helicopter, tank
  5. How many years did it take to paint the Mona Lisa? Four
  6. The king of which country purchased the Mona Lisa in 1508? France
  7. Which leader hung the Mona Lisa in his bedroom? Napoleon Bonaparte
  8. Which famous art museum in Paris houses the Mona Lisa now? The Louvre
  9. Who owns the Mona Lisa? The Government of France
  10. Who stole the Mona Lisa and hid it in his apartment for two years? A worker at the Louvre, Vincenzo Peruggia, who wanted to take it back to Italy

Mona Lisa Activities

  1. Find a picture of the Mona Lisa on the internet.  Who do you think the painting is of? A rich Italian woman? Leonardo da Vinci dressed as a woman?
  2. Draw or paint a copy of the Mona Lisa.  Imagine you are Leonardo da Vinci, or one of the many people who made copies of the painting. 
  3. Leonardo da Vinci loved to sketch pictures of different inventions that he came up with.  Try this yourself with a pencil and paper.  What are some machines or inventions that you think people in the future could use?
  4. While you are drawing, search and listen to some classical Italian music.  This may have been the type of music that the artist liked to listen to in his day. 
  5. Some popular Italian foods include tomatoes, lemons, olives and olive oil.  Search up a classic Italian recipe that kids can cook and make an Italian dinner for your family like Leonardo da Vinci might have eaten.  (link:  Don’t forget to have an adult help you!