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Welcome to Bedtime History!

This is your home for educational and relaxing stories for kids and families. Wind down your day learning about amazing people like Jackie Robinson and Neil Armstrong, incredible feats of engineering like The Leaning Tower of Pisa, or captivating narratives like The Titanic.

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The Legend of El Dorado for Kids

The Legend of El Dorado for Kids

Imagine you’re on an adventure through a dense jungle. You walk carefully, your senses alert to every rustle and chirp around you. Ancient ruins emerge from the undergrowth, their moss-covered stones telling tales of an ancient civilization.  You decipher the...

XXANOYMOUSXX , 08/26/2021

Hello I love your podcast.
This is one of my favorite podcasts and I love revisiting episodes.

KNJwade, 08/17/2021

Great podcast!

We are a homeschool family and love hearing bedtime history podcast! Great lessons. The length of the episodes are wonderful and work well to listen to during handwriting time.

dinahmite7, 07/24/2021

We love your podcast!

Hello! My name is Dinah and I’m 7. My dad and I listen to this podcast almost every night at bedtime.

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Some stories are better as a video.

That’s right, in addition to our amazing podcasts, Bedtime History also produces videos to accompany the podcasts. Filled with photos and animations, these videos help bring the stories to life in a special way. Whether you’re watching at home before bed, or showing Bedtime History to your classroom, these videos take the experience to the next level.

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-Breck LeSueur
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