Bedtime History

The Lost City of Atlantis for Kids

Imagine finding a forgotten city, a place swallowed up under the water or overgrown with forests and passed into legend over time. A place you’d heard almost unbelievable stories of, stories so fantastic, you weren’t sure were true, but that grabbed your attention and...

The History of Mary Shelley and Frankenstein for Kids

Have you heard of Frankenstein? Maybe you’ve seen this pretend monster in movies or books. He is often depicted as being tall and strong with dark hair, green skin, and stitches holding him together since he was created by Dr. Frankenstein. That’s where Frankenstein...

Family Pictures in New York City

One World Trade Center One of the remaining steel beams in the museum Remaining wall from one of the towers inside the museum September 11 Memorial Pool | Photo Credits September 11 Memorial Pools from above | Photo credits